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Health & Safety Program

Archimidis Building Maintenance Inc. insists on providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees.


The company actively complies with all requirements and procedures established by the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and adhere to all other relevant government legislation.


Every Archmidis employee is responsible for ensuring health and safety of their workplace. Employees must observe safe and efficient work practices, and are obligated to report any safety hazards or possible contraventions to the Occupational Health & Safety Act.Supervisors are required to take every reasonable to ensure employee safety.


All supervisors and management are required to ensure employees follow appropriate safety procedures, wear protective gear as necessary, and to take every precaution to protect Archimidis employees.

Archimidis Building Maintenance Inc. stresses the importance of health and safety in the workplace through a variety of techniques, including:



  1. Creating effective communication documents highlighting health and safety issues
  2. Training on-site to ensure appropriate skills and techniquires are utilized
  3. Ensuring each employee understands and takes responsibility for their own safety.
  4. Developing health & safety standards for new methods, processes and equipment.
  5. Investigating causality of and accident to ensure non reoccurrence.

Inspections of every building are conducted at least monthly, to ensure compliance with company and government health and safety requirements. Workplace Inspection forms are completed upon each inspection.


Company Responsibilities:


Company ResponsibilitiesArchimidis Building Maintenance Inc.’s executives are responsible for thought leadership in all facts of the business, including health & safety. Company responsibilities include:


  • Establishing health & safety polices.
  • Fostering a company culture which insists onsupporting health and safety regulations.
  • Ensuring effective training to avoid accidents.
  • Developing communication tools that effectively highlight all relevant health and safety issues.   



Supervisor Responsibilities:


Supervisor ResponsibilitiesArchimidis Building Maintenance Inc.’s supervisors are responsible for overseeing the work conducted in their area(s), ensuring compliance with all aspects of the Occupational Health & Safety Act. In addition, supervisor responsibilities include:

  • Providing employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely carry out their duties.
  • Ensuring employees have the proper equipment and tools to perform their duties.
  • Ensuring all equipment and tools are in safe working condition.
  • Reinforcing company polices on health and safety.
  • Role modeling appropriate behavior.


Employee Responsibilities:


Employee ResponsibilitiesArchimidis Building Maintenance Inc.’s employees are responsible for performing their duties in a safe efficient manner while maintaining the health and safety standards of their work space. In addition, employee responsibly includes:

  • Applying their skills and knowledge to ensure workplace health & safety is obtained.
  • Wearing proper equipment and tools while performing their duties.
  • Reporting and defective equipment or tools immediately.
  • Complying with company polices on health and safety.

Archimidis Building Maintenance Inc. seeks to ensure that all of its employees are protected from health hazards and from accidental injury on the job. To reduce the incidence of work related injuries the following polices and rules must be observed.


 Safety FirstSafety Rules

  1. MSDS forms must be accessible at all times.
  2. All trigger spray bottles of taggle top bottles must contain a printed, water proof legible containing:
  •     complete product name
  •     manufacturer’s name and address
  •     use direction
  •     Product precautions.
  1. Mixing of products is prohibited products must be used in strict accordance with manufacturer’s directions use of unauthituzed products is prohibited,
  2. Do no leave cleaning equipment unattended; unplug electrical equipment from wall sockets or other electrical outlets when left unattended; store unused equipment,
  3. Protective footwear, gloves, and glasses must be worn as required.
  4. Smoking is prohibited during work time; smoking is permitted during authorized breaks and within approved smoking areas only.
  5. Warning & Wet Floor signs are to be used whenever necessary to warn staff and tenants of hazard potential associated with wet floors.


Safety Polices


Safety PoliciesBuilding Access: 

Access to buildings after hours is restricted to those with express authority to enter and proof of identification, unless otherwise stated in writing.



Exit Doors: 

Exit Doors are to remain barrier free; report any exit door which is blocked, chained or padlocked to your supervisor.



Box & Trash Storage: 

Trash and boxes are not to be stored in janitor closets, electrical rooms or telephone switching rooms; trash must be kept away from water heaters and HVAC equipment.



Buckets & Mops: 

Buckets are to be emptied and mops removed and hung in mop racks to dry.



Fire Alarms: 

Attention is to be paid to sounded fire alarms exit the building in a coal & orderly fashion; do not use elevators & check for heat on exit door when descending the stairs.



Janitor Closets: 

Keep janitor closet clean and organized at all times.



Handling Trash: 

Trash must not be pushed down into any container without the use of a solid object between the trash and the cleaners’ hands.



Power outlets: 

Power outlets devoid of a cover plate must not be used broken or loose power outlets require proper grounding plug prior to use.



Shoe types: 

Hard sole shoes are to be worn while working to protect soles and toes of feet.



Dry Vacuuming: 

Never pick up liquid with a dry vacuum cleaner.



 Security Rules


To protect employee and to protect the property of building owners and tenants, the following rules must be observed;Safety Rules 


1.       You are responsible for the keys which you receive allowing you to enter your work area(s); keep them on your person at all times during the work period; return keys at the end of your duty.

2.       Work in single areas to minimize the number of locked doors left open at a given time, relock doors when you leave.

3.       Do not allow anyone in or out while you are working in your area ( this is the responsibility of building security).

4.       Report any irregularities, such as broken windows, door locks, etc. to your supervisor.

5.       Give any found items to your supervisor.

6.       Do not use any supplies, tools and equipment belonging to building owners or tenants.

7.       Do not open desk, drawers, filing cabinets, & storage closets, nor remove anything from the client’s premises.

8.       Remain in your designated work area(s): do not meander around the building or go onto other floors.