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Supplies, Chemicals & Equipment

Archimidis receives its
 supplies and equipment from large, efficient professional organizations that can provide back up support, information and on-site demonstrations of the products that it represents.


Cleaning SuppliesArchimidis Building Maintenance Inc. employees only experienced staff to avoid improper use of the supplies and equipment.



Every staff member is fully trained in the use of equipment on-site, with a clear emphasis on building, tenant and employee safety.


To ensure superior cleaning quality, Archimidis stays knowledgeable on all technical advances made in cleaning equipment, supplies and building maintenance processes. Equipment that is dated, ineffective or unsafe is discarded. Equipment is always kept in top working condition in order to deliver premium performance.


Sweeping SuppliesTo ensure superior cleaning value, Archimidis passes on the saving it achieves in negotiating prices with its suppliers to its clients. Archimids sizable business affords it tremendous savings in purchasing supplies and equipment. As a result many of Archimidis’ clients request that Archimidis purchase supplies and equipment on their behalf.